Christmas: Happy Rebirth!

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Christmas: Happy Rebirth!

Christmas is lived in many different ways, whether we are believers or not. Some seek to gather with family, others give it a more religious sense, others get fully involved in consumerism or festivities, and others confess that they cannot bear these days of crazy spending, they do not find any meaning in it. But each of these realities also contains its symbolism.

I have been researching the meaning of Christmas and I liked this text that I found:

"Christmas is a celebration of light and renewed hopes, a light that aims to illuminate the consciences and fill the heart with hope for a more loving life" - Reflections by Milena Llop.

The truth is that being a human and the Christmas ritual have merged and have lasted for more than 2000 years. I think it is due to the inherent need in us to seek to be better people and this is why we can be more sensitive to others needs. From celebrating and sharing with those you love the most, providing beautiful moments to those who need it most, as well as reflection and giving thanks for the good (and diffcult) things you have experienced.

Can you imagine if this feeling was not only concentrated in one month out of the year but also extended into a higher form of coexistence? I think it would help to awaken the collective consciousness (which we need so much), to evolve into a more dignified world where the human being can develop all it´s potential, leaving aside prejudice, differences and the false ego, to evolve more into the beings of light that we are. 

My great wish for this Christmas is that this “inner birth” is always kept in us, that we are constantly being reborn and open to feeling that magic in us growing, appreciating the path traveled and the beauty of being alive.

Happy Rebirth!, Merry Christmas!

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