The collaboration with inspired designers was key in the process of valuing each PALLAY loom. I am grateful to each one of them for their work, confidence and willingness to bet in a different and fascinating way of creating, turning the textiles into truly unique and beautiful garments. It is interesting to see their expressions and feelings when they have a first contact with a PALLAY textile, where I can be witness of the magic that takes place when inspiration comes in and is transformed into a beautiful creation. Many thanks to the designers who participate in PALLAY, for BELIEVING and CREATING!

Isa Luna


Isa is from Cusco, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, designer, artist, creator of beautiful crafts and owner of 3 boutique stores located in the historic center; “Alalau”, “Isa Luna Concept Shop” and “The Gallery”.

: Isa Luna Bellido
Collaborate with a brand such as PALLAY, who believes in fair trade and value our high-Andean weavers the hand-made textiles, fills me with pride

Carolina Grau


Caro is from Lima, entrepreneur, hard worker, inspired designer and creator of the “Revolution Knits” brand, who designs and assembles high-quality products made of baby alpaca for the New York stores. Her good taste and good confection contributes to value each PALLAY garment.
E: carolina@revolutionknits.pe
PALLAY reminds us of and helps us to preserve the magnificent textile we have in Peru

Carolina Aparicio


Caro is from Cusco, a born artist and self-taught. Redesigns the Peruvian tradition creating beautiful and original skirts for women and girls. She also makes purses and pretty headbands, all handmade.

: Volarte ByCarolina
PALLAY is the opportunity to create clothes with style for people who value the handmade and the different.

Marcelo & Javier Henríquez


Both are design lovers. They developed the graphic line of PALLAY, the packaging and design each structure where the works of art go, valuing the ancestral technique of the looms.
Marcelo participates in PALLAY since 2014, co-creating with the high-Andean weavers in the design and finishes of each textile.
We want PALLAY’s clients to feel they received something exclusive, so we take care of every detail - J Henríquez

I think what sets us apart is the way we have built, from the beginning, what is now PALLAY, a brand with a great history behind it - M Henríquez