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Marilin & PALLAY

They say that wonderful things can happen when hands, needles, yarn and time come together.

2 years ago around this time, I met Marilín Villegas, a 26-year-old woman from Abancay, an entrepreneur who wanted to purchase wool from me. She contacted me from there we started a very nice bond with PALLAY.

I have to admit that since I saw the finishing and handling of her crochet, I was pleasantly surprised. Seeing how Marilin crocheted produces a sense of admiration and desire to want to work on a project together. She brings to PALLAY with her skill, creativity and a lot of patience, the delicate finishes that we put on each piece we create. She reinforces with her art, that handmade and unique touch that we always want to give to our garments.

Learn more about the work that Marilin does through her entrepreneurship.

We thank everyone who is part of the PALLAY family and makes it possible for us to enjoy the way of MAKING, reaffirming our purpose with a beautiful story behind each piece.

Urubamba – Cusco, Perú
+51 943 748 702