PALLAY Art, Every Intervention is a Journey

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PALLAY Art, Every Intervention is a Journey

What is art?

Art speaks on many levels, it is a journey that incorporates sensations, emotions, a lot of intuition and the desire to create something that may not be so precise but that has meaning and vision.

I was able to experience closely the affection that Angela, the creator of this artistic intervention, put into every detail that she made in the work. She feels and creates … She makes, undoes, weaves, unweaves … she sees it up close, from afar, touches the fibers, looks for colors, puts knots, braids, pompoms, weavings, different textures …

I can only say that it is a beautiful artistic intervention, like who created it with her hands and her dedication.

This beautiful artistic intervention was made at the request of Silvia Cárdenas and Eugenio Kollmamm for their country house, located in Huayoccari – Sacred Valley, Cusco.

“We are proud to have in our house art made with so much meaning. We feel the care behind the intervention, now we see that space of our home more welcoming and full of color. We are happy to know that we have contributed to the preservation of ancestral textile techniques "

About the intervention:

The materials that have been used are more than 50 pieces of weavings and thin ribbons of different colors, made by high Andean weavers, with the ancestral technique of the waist loom. It also has different natural fibers from sheep, alpaca and cotton, all dyed with natural dyes. The measure of the intervention is 1.30 wide by 2.30 long.

About the Artist:

Ángela Cáceres, is from Arequipa and resides in Yucay – Cusco since 2012 with her daughter Emilia. She is independent, she loves to travel and loves nature. She performs different interventions from weaving with the macrame technique, weaving different materials, to renovating furniture.

Urubamba – Cusco, Perú
+51 943 748 702