PALLAY in Colective “MITO”

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PALLAY in Colective “MITO”

MITO, is a Peruvian multidisciplinary design project that seeks to rescue magical stories from the popular imagination, through artisanal techniques in collaboration with artists, artisans and designers.


Thanks to the invitation of Yurac Fiedler, Vice President of the AMSP – Peruvian Sustainable Fashion Association of Peru, we are proud to participate together with 12 Peruvian brands, who share a line of high quality sustainable design, in the “MITO” Collective. MITO happens 3 times a year around the world, in a pop-up format with a duration of 4 months and launches its first edition WINTER 2020-2021 at THE CANVASBOWERY – New York

For PALLAY, the colors and brightness of the Andes are our main stimuli for inspiration and creation.

There will be 25 unique PALLAY garments that will participate in the “MITO” collective.

Our collection is called “Sonqo Kuychi”, which means “Rainbow of the Heart” in Quechua.

Each piece is a work of art and carrier of ancestral textile knowledge.

They are garments with an entire story behind them, each one unique, timeless and that will last a lifetime

Made 100% by hand by high Andean weavers from Cusco, from the spinning process, the dyeing of wool with natural dyes, the assembly of the fabric with the ancestral technique of the loom to the transformation of the weavings into Ponchos, Ruanas, Vests, Capes and Keychains.

We are grateful for this opportunity to further internationalize the brand, as well as publicize the work we do with our high Andean weavers and proudly display Peruvian textile art.


Soon at The Canvas boutique, New York, together with 12 sustainable Peruvian fashion brands!

Did you know…

“KUYCHI- The son of the Rainbow” is the myth that will accompany this first edition of the collective “MITO”. I invite you to get to know it and enjoy it through the following audio and video, made by teacher Tania Castro and music effects made by teachers Omar Vargas and Gladys Conde.

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