To Co-Create is to Dream as a Team!

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To Co-Create is to Dream as a Team!

At PALLAY this is our way of doing things.

For us it is an invitation to CREATE, opening the space to listen to other visions.

The paths that led me to meet Isa and Alexis

I consider myself a lover of handmade things. I had the opportunity to meet Isabel Cabrera more than 3 years ago when looking for something beautiful to give to my niece Noita, a children’s story made 100% by hand and full of details so that children can interact, came to my hands. It was love at first sight, I had never seen a story like this and it was clearly the special gift I was looking for for a beautiful niece. You can learn more about the beautiful work that Isa does in @pukllacuentos.

Some years went by and when my second daughter, Rafaella, began some workshops in an open-air forest, we met again because her daughter, Kusi, also participated there.

One day after I finished making a PALLAY garment, I dreamed of making a photo registry with professional models and having beautiful accessories to show with the garments. I began the search for local jewelers and that is how I found some earrings and charms that I loved on the page @killarijoyasdeautor… I was pleasantly surprised that Isa, together with her partner Alexis Suarez, had this undertaking together!

After crossing paths in so many different ways it was meant for us to meet!

I consider myself an admirer of the art that both of them do and I know the love they put in each piece they make. That is why with my husband Marcelo, we invited them to co-create and make different prototypes to accomplish the PALLAY keychains that carry Andean symbolism and positive social impact.

Learn more about the symbolism bearing keychains that we co-created with Isa and Alexis here

We thank everyone who is part of the PALLAY family and makes it possible for us to enjoy the way of MAKING, reaffirming our purpose with a beautiful story behind each piece.

Urubamba – Cusco, Perú
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