Our connection with the high Andean community of Acchahuata weavers was born in 2014, thanks to a company that hired us to train the people of this region in the proper use of the solar panels. Upon our arrival, we realized there were several other needs and we could guide them to better organize themselves to take advantage of their environment with the knowledge they had.

From the beginning we were amazed by the technique they used to make the textile and the dedication required to produce each of them. We felt it could not be lost in time and we had to do something about it.
This was the motivation that lead us to start with the weaver’s orientation work to use the colors and their various original designs to create textiles commercially salable. The road was not easy, because they are all Quechua speakers and we had to communicate through graphic references and count with the constant support of a translator to make possible our mutual understanding of each other.
After 3 years of constant work with the community and earning their trust, working as a team, we were able to achieve textiles with exclusive designs with high-quality finish.
In 2017, we decided to create the PALLAY brand to be able to sell the textiles we had made transformed into beautiful garments and accessories.


Learn more about the PALLAY’s story in this video: