AMSP – Ellos cambian la historia. Personaje de la semana: Alejandra Rivera

AMSP – They change history. Character of the week: Alejandra Rivera

Extracted from the facebook of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Peru

They change history. Character of the week: Alejandra Rivera from @pallaycusco and co-founder/director of @mito_studio_peru 💘

A mother is a being who gives life, cares for her loved ones and knows perfectly what it is like to give love infinitely. For this reason, we are proud to introduce Alejandra Rivera. She, through PALLAY, shares her experiences as a mother and entrepreneur in the world of local sustainable fashion.

PALLAY emerged in 2014, since they began a strong bond with the Cuzco weavers of Accahuata. Her passion for Peruvian culture and textile knowledge that are part of our identity, accompanied by the potential that the artisans demonstrated, led her to create a name for herself in the local industry. His brand is a sustainable fashion venture that precisely seeks to explore in depth the textile techniques that are part of our identity and create a bridge so that they are valued by the modern world.

"Each piece for us is like a work of art. We co-create with our local weavers and artisans to refine the technique, combine colors and achieve beautiful designs. It is an opportunity to leave a legacy and preserve knowledge. The MITO Studio platform has allowed the brand has more reach, sharing the same values ​​that we proclaimed from the beginning"

In 2017, the expected quality with the looms was achieved. That was when the brand was officially launched on the market. The name PALLAY was chosen together with the weavers and means "ascentral iconography".

Alejandra's great advice, as a mother and entrepreneur, is to believe in yourself to give life to something that will last over time. Have your own principles very clear and trust that they will lead you to the place where you want to be.

Alejandra Rivera
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