Our commitment to preserve ancestral textile knowledge seeks to revalue our culture and the value of what is handmade. As well as raising the quality of life and empowering the high Andean weavers with whom we co-create.

Since 2014 we have carried out different actions that have strengthened our bond with the community; From the creation of phyto-canopies, training for the proper cultivation of vegetables, design and implementation of the area for weavers in the community, bringing plays to children to reinforce cleaning and hygiene habits, to landscaping proposals with local materials. . Likewise, we are preparing the community so that in the long term they can offer experiential tourism experiences to make their textile knowledge and way of life known to their visitors, and thus have another source of income to contribute to their family basket.

Being sustainable is also reflected in the act of deciding what you purchase

PALLAY es un emprendimiento de moda sostenible que lleva con orgullo al mundo, prendas portadoras de saberes ancestrales e impacto social positivo

Está en cada uno de nosotros ser curiosos y críticos para informarnos de dónde viene lo que consumimos, cómo se hace, quién lo hace y en qué condiciones, y qué impacto tiene en el ambiente