Manually spinning sheep and alpaca fibers is an art. The wool goes up and down, up and down, spinning at speed as it winds around the spinning wheel. Doing so requires a lot of skill and experience. It is an artisanal process with techniques inherited from generation to generation, through instruments such as the distaff and the spindle... "the high Andean weavers spin while they are talking, taking care of their flock or walking. It is part of their daily work."


Animal fibers are dyed with natural dyes. They use the cochineal, roots, stems or flowers to achieve an infinite range of colors, from the most vibrant to subdued as pastel tones. "They work as a team during the process... and they do absolutely everything with enjoyment, with absolute dedication and patience. There is no doubt that they are teachers in every way; they transmit their wisdom to us from what they do to how they do it."

To co-create is to dream as a team!

Our creation process is through co-creation. We work as a team with high Andean weavers and local artisans to achieve unique pieces.


They stake four sticks in the ground to begin their journey towards assembling the cloak, with the technique that their grandmother and mother taught them. After choosing their yarns, they combine and develop the design that is felt through a system of two threads that intertwine... "and in its framework, with infinite patience, those thousands of years of abstraction that are part of their genetics and conscience.”