Shipping Policies


We want to ensure your satisfaction with our garments and products. We will do our best to track your order until it arrives.

Shipping costs and taxes to be paid when entering your country are not included in the price.

Your order will be delivered to the address indicated in the order placed. Please make sure you enter the correct information. If not, it will not be our responsibility.

We ship all orders within 5-7 days depending on where you are. (From Monday to Friday).

Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number and all pertinent shipping information.

Important: Please note that international shipments (outside Peru) may have additional charges (such as taxes, duties, and customs fees) once the shipment reaches your country. We cannot predict these charges.

PALLAY is NOT responsible for any additional charges that you may incur once the order reaches your country. Contacting the customs authority, post office and/or courier service can help you find out the duty-free import threshold or the calculation of any eventual additional fees.

The courier service will make two attempts to deliver your order to the indicated address. Your order will be returned to us after two unsuccessful attempts. If this happens, we reserve the right to collect or withhold any amounts owed for return shipping, administrative costs, and/or compensation for damages.

If your package appears to be in poor condition and shows signs of damage when it arrives, please contact us within 24 hours and we will contact the courier company to resolve any issues.

We are not responsible for:

  • Delays caused by customs clearance processes at destination.
  • Any failure or delay due to force majeure (any act, event, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control).
  • The acts of the courier companies used to deliver your products at any time; and the loss of packages during international transport.
  • Any currency exchange rate or exchange rate that any bank may have when changing the currencies we offer to other currencies.
  • Sustainability

    We seek to revalue our culture and what is handmade. As well as raising the quality of life and empowering the high Andean weavers with whom we co-create.

  • Commitment to the environment

    The process we use to make the looms and garments is 100% harmless to the environment.

  • Fair Trade

    Each loom that we co-create with the weavers has an important value (it is not only the material), it is your time; the value of what is handmade and its knowledge that is passed from generation to generation.