Miss Textil Andino 2021

Miss Andean Textile 2021

Happy to have participated in the coronation of «Miss Textil Andino 2021» , an initiative carried out by two young entrepreneurs from Cusco GABRIELA NAISHA QUISPE CALLAÑAUPA and LEIDY KAREN INGILTUPA CABALLERO, who through their Facebook page Shaley Model They carried out a contest that seeks to revalue our Andean culture and disseminate the textile knowledge of the Cusco region.

17 young ladies between the ages of 15 and 18 participated in the contest and the entire election process was carried out through voting from their fanpage.

"Textile art is part of the roots of our artisans from the different high Andean communities of Cusco, we have to preserve it! This contest seeks to motivate and encourage all the young participants to continue weaving and feel proud of their art", Naisha Quispe mentions one of the organizers of the contest.
We congratulate the beautiful winners:

1. Mary Carmen Huaman Huaman – Miss Andean Textile Cusco 2021
2. Elizabeth Cirila Callañaupa Quillahuaman – Miss Andean Textile Elegance Cusco 2021
3. Lizbeth Quispe Sallo – Miss Andean Textile Photogenic Cusco 2021

As PALLAY we seek to preserve ancestral textile knowledge and we are very happy to see initiatives like these that promote it. We appreciate that you have invited us to be part of the coronation and we hope that this pilot contest that you carried out is the beginning of something bigger to continue empowering our young artisans and that the ancient textile knowledge is kept alive.

@mincetur @promperu5, perhaps if they join forces, something great can be achieved with this good initiative that values our textile artisans.

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