Vogue México: 20 diseñadores sustentables que mantienen viva la herencia ancestral de Perú

Vogue Mexico: 20 sustainable designers keeping Peru's ancestral heritage alive

We are very proud to share the article from Vogue México, where PALLAY is part of the 20 Peruvian sustainable fashion brands that keep Peru's ancestral textile techniques alive.

"The purpose of pallay cusco is to preserve the ancestral techniques of their country, for this reason they work with 13 high Andean weavers, of which 20% are young, promoting the generational continuity of the artisans' work. Pallay Cusco is a family brand, created by Alejandra Rivera and Marcelo Henríquez, with values ​​that promote social sustainability, continuity of knowledge and economic growth of the high Andean community of Accaguata, in Cusco. They specialize in the creation of pieces made on the waist loom, one of the characteristic fabrics of the region."
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